How to adapt to the new normal.

adapt to a new normal

We are surviving in a very different situation. Where the normal is also not normal it is the “new normal“. And we have to deal with it. We are blessed that we are able to survive and trying to cope with it. Thanks to the almighty.

Things that were previously used to be normal are now very much unusual and some of them are strictly prohibited in this pandemic. So don’t cry over them. And be ready to adapt to this new normal as there is no other choice left with us.

Either you do by your wish or forced to do but you have to make the changes in your life. Its better we should make our mind so that we will not be stressed out.

As every night has a morning, so every pandemic has its end. We just need to be patient and deal with it.

What is new normal ?

Before Covid-19 our life was different, we could travel anywhere, hang on with everyone, kids were free to play outside. Schools, offices,temples, mall , restaurants e.t.c were fully functional.

But now we can’t go out unless there is something important, we can’t meet or greet anyone easily as social distancing is very important. We have to wear mask and maintain proper hygiene. We need to live with it- new normal.

Will life ever be the same old normal?

This is possible only if :

  • A vaccine is developed and approved by government .
  • A drug is discovered and ready to treat affected patients.
  • A natural immunity develop among the population.

In the above cases we are not sure when any of them will happen. So we need to know that we have to adapt to the new normal.

Few tips that will help to adapt to the new normal.

  • We should take this as a phase of life not the life. It will get over.
  • Need to cut down few expectations that can be adjusted.
  • Be polite with everyone by maintaining proper social distancing.
  • Don’t panic too much just follow the essential precautions.
  • Utilize this time to reinvent yourself and change your life in a better way.
  • Concentrate on the things you can do in this situation not on the things you are not able to do.
  • Set new routine for your work-home life but don’t overwhelmed yourself.
Maintain good hygiene and take necessary precautions
Maintain good hygiene and take necessary precautions

So let’s stay motivated during this pandemic.



  1. Michelle

    Never had I imagined we will ever have to go through with this kind of situation. Still thankful for surviving amidst the crisis. Nice tips for adapting the new normal

  2. Tasha

    All true. I think we could also take a little extra time to be extra polite or nice to someone else, because we know that everyone’s nerves are wrought right now!

  3. Iris Findlay

    These are such great tips. It’s been such a hectic and stressful couple of months with worrying about getting the virus and everything else going on. But the most important part of this post: It will get over. You are absolutely right!

  4. Stephanie

    Thank you for describing this as a “new normal.” At first, I had a tough time dealing with this pandemic. It wasn’t until I accepted our “new normal” that we started to feel like we can handle this.

  5. vidya

    so true.. we have talked about the new normal as well amongst family and friends, and figuring out how best we can still stay strong together while in this new normal

  6. Josef

    I think the admin of this website is actually working hard for his web site, because here every material is quality based material.


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