Birthday Themes For Girls

Birthday Themes For Girls

Best Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Girls

Daughters are very precious for parents and so their birthdays are also very special. Arranging a birthday party is a big deal as we want them to be memorable for our girls. Girls always love to be feel special so make sure you plan something really amazing birthday party for them. I am here to help you in planning the best birthday themes for girls. Just go through the post, I am sure you won’t need a event planner this time and you can arrange amazing party for your girls without pinching your pocket.

So, here are the list of Best Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girls.

Pink Party

Girls love to paint everything around them in pink. As most of the little girls’ favourite colour is pink, it seems everything is pinky ponky for them (lol). So if your little princess also loves pink then plan a pink birthday party theme for her.

Ideas for Pink Party

  1. Decor the background wall with Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtains and hang a light pink-gold birthday banner on it.

2. Put a Sparkly Pink Shining Table Runner.

3. The main decor of birthday parties are birthday balloons, so get a garland of metallic balloons with mixed shades of pink like dark pink and light pink with some gold and rose gold colour balloons. This set of balloons will balance the colour of the pink birthday theme party. So it will give a lovely pink party rather than overdoing the pink colour everywhere.

4. Kids are excited for snacks during birthday parties, so get hot pink party supplies, or light pink and gold party supplies according to your girl’s preference. They will be happy to share their ideas for their birthday theme party. And her friends will love to enjoy their snacks on these attractive party supplies.

Rainbow Birthday Themes For Girls

Who doesn’t love rainbow? So if you and your little girl are great lovers of colors, then plan her birthday party with rainbow theme. The seven magical colors around your girl will surely make her birthday memorable.

Ideas for Rainbow theme birthday party

  1. In rainbow theme party, you can decor the back drop in two ways :-

2. Place die-cut into arch in form of rainbow shape paper plates with beautiful rainbow print glasses will make your snacks table perfect for rainbow birthday party theme.

3. You can use a plastic table cover, with cloud and rainbow printed on the sides that will perfectly match your plates and cups. This will help you to keep your table stain free too, so no need to worry for cleaning while you are having fun.

4. These pack of cute rainbow hair-clips and rainbow headbands can be budget friendly party favors for your daughter’s girl friends.

Rainbow Birthday party Theme

Minnie Mouse Party- Birthday Themes for girls

No matter what comes in or out, Minnie Mouse theme can never go out of style. Every little girl is mesmerized by the magic of Disney’s Minnie Mouse. Whether you are planning to celebrate your little girl’s 1-2 or 3 rd birthday, it will be memorable for her entire life and she will cherish this life long.

Ideas for Minnie Mouse Theme Birthday Party For Girls

  1. Minnie Mouse theme party is very much in trend every time, so you can easily get the Minnie Mouse Birthday Party decoration supplies that is not much costly and you can easily throw a grand party at home. This pack includes silver foil for decorating the backdrop, pink & black dots balloons, bow balloon, happy birthday banner, mouse head balloon, Minnie head balloon.

2. Decorate the dinning area with this Minnie Mouse Forever party supplies, which includes candles of 4 colors, paper plates, cups, napkins, and a plastic table cover. This will easily wow your kid’s friends and little ones will jump for joy.

3. If it is Minnie Mouse theme birthday party, you have to wear Minnie Mouse headbands, so give head bands to all your little guests as soon as they enter the party.

4. Don’t forget to plan some Minnie Mouse theme snacks for the kids, get awesome Minnie Mouse party food ideas from The Chickabug Blogs.

Minnie Mouse Theme Birthday party

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Mermaid Theme Birthday Party For Girls

Girls love to be mermaid, they are so much fascinated with their sparkling eyes, beautiful tails. Girls imagine themselves as mermaid living in castle under ocean. Yes, these are all for stories but why not make them mermaid for day. So that she can remember for her whole life. So if you are wondering what to plan for your daughter’s birthday, then here it is: Mermaid theme birthday party for girls.

Ideas for Mermaid Theme Birthday Party For Girls

  1. Cover the backdrop with a mermaid printed fabric, decor with latex balloons of blue-green and sparkling colors matching with ocean theme. And as it is mermaid theme, there must be mermaid’s tail and shell balloons too in the decoration list. But no worries all the mentioned decor item are available in this Mermaid birthday party supplies kit, and this kit also contains mermaid printed table cloth to add more beauty to the mermaid theme.

2. Set your snacks table with the pack of shimmering turquoise shade paper plates,cups and napkins set. And the paper plates and napkins have mermaid printed on it and the cups have colorful fish shell pattern printed on them. I can assure you it will be perfect for your girl’s mermaid theme birthday party.

3. Temporary tattoos are always a hit in kid’s birthday parties, so to make the party more cheerful and vibrant you can give this Glitter Mermaid Birthday Tattoos to kids as party favors.

4. Birthday girls are the showstopper of their birthday party, so they need to dress in a special way. So gift them the mermaid accessories that will meet their mermaid’s fantasy and they will feel like dream come true.

Mermaid theme birthday party

Unicorn Theme Birthday Party For Girls

Little girls are obsessed with Unicorn, they fantasize Unicorn’s extra horn, beautiful rainbow colors mane, the magical wings and their desire to fly with them wherever they wish. My girl is in love with Unicorn, if possible she will buy everything in Unicorn.

Ideas for Unicorn Theme Birthday Party For Girls

  1. Decorate the background with Unicorn pic and latex balloons with arch shape, it will be easy to do but magical and unforgettable for guests.

2. Make your cupcakes more beautiful with Unicorn cupcakes toppers and wrappers and get ready to receive tons of compliments too from your little guests.

3. When the birthday theme is Unicorn, you can get each and everything in Unicorn, so no need to brainstorming for party favors. Grab this 96 pieces Unicorn themed party favor for kids and have a rocking birthday for your girl.

4. Girls dream of the Unicorn fantasy world, so let them feel magical on their birthday and make them wear the Unicorn headband with vail and birthday girl sash.

Unicorn theme birthday party

Flamingo Theme Birthday Party For Girls

Amazing feature of standing on one leg attracts everyone towards Flamingos,everyone loves the pink color and the elegance of flamingos. And pink flamingo theme birthday party is one of most beautiful and attractive party for girls.

Ideas For Flamingo Theme Birthday Party

  1. Hung this beautiful big flamingo backdrop on the wall behind the cake as your girl deserve this beautiful and fantastic background on her birthday.

2. Give perfect touch to your party with these flamingo and pineapple balloons, this will be surely eye catching for everyone in the party.

3. Flamingo theme party decoration would be incomplete if tropical palm leaves are not added to the decoration. So spread the tropical palm leaves printed table cover on the snacks table.

4. Add more colors to your party by using the flamingo themes reusable straws for juices to serve your little guests.

Flamingo theme birthday party

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Peppa pig Theme Birthday Party For Girls

Kids love Peppa Pig and her family, as they can relate her life with them. Peppa Pig’s adventourous outing with her family, her helpful and kind nature impress kids and make them to love more and more. So if your girl too loves Peppa, then let’s plan her next birthday theme as Peppa pig, she will be thrilled to see that.

Ideas For Peppa Pig Theme Birthday Party

  1. Peppa Pig’s scenes have a very beautiful and attractive background with house, trees, park everything is so dreamy around her. So decorate the background wall of your home dreamy by using this dreamy and cute backdrop of Peppa Pig’s house and surrounding.

2. Create a fun and memorable moments and get these Peppa Pig party hats for the little friends and let them jump with joy and happiness.

3. Let your girl walk in her birthday party with Peppa Pig by gifting her this Peppa Pig Air Walker Balloon and be sure she will be enchanted to see this gift.

4. Whether you bake the cake by your own or get it from outside but don’t miss this candle sets to put on the cake, it will enhance the charm of your Peppa pig theme party.

Birthday themes for girls

Frozen Theme Birthday Party For Girls

Frozen is loved by all girls and their parents too as there is no scary characters or not typical story of princess finding prince. Actually the characters of Frozen like Elsa and Ana empowers bonding between siblings and also preaches girl power. Every little girl wants to be Elsa, so lets make their dream true on her birthday with Frozen theme party.

Ideas For Frozen Theme Birthday Party

  1. If your theme is Frozen then it is the most eye catching theme and an easy theme to set up too. Get this huge 87 piece Frozen Birthday party supplies where you will get A to Z of frozen theme party and that too in a budget. You don’t need to run here and there for each single piece. You will be getting each piece of decoration starting from birthday banner with sash, paper snow flakes, balloons, cake and cup cake toppers. And to add more magic to the party, there is crown and scepter too for your Elsa.

2. And for the snacks table spread the all over printed snowflakes swirl plastic table cover and matching to this table cover get the winter wonderland party pack paper plates and napkins.

3. You can give this set of Frozen coloring, crayons and sticker sets to kids as party favors.

Birthday themes for girls

Disney Princess Theme Birthday Party For Girls

Girls always want to be feel special, they love to be pampered so they love Disney princesses so much. They love their royalty and somehow want to be treated like that. Though life is not that much easy as Disney movies but we can give our little brave girls a day of princess life by arranging their birthday theme as Disney princesses theme.

Ideas For Disney Princesses Theme Birthday Party

  1. Decorate the background wall with the huge lively Disney princess background picture that will surely make your girl feel like princesses are there too in her birthday party.

2. Get this pack of birthday banner, latex balloons and cake toppers all in Disney princesses theme, and be assured you will be creating a memorable birthday for your princess.

3. Add royal look to your party table with this table decoration kit that includes pink castle with gold glitters and cut outs of Disney princesses.

4. This assorted stamps of Disney princesses and the matching games of Disney princesses can be perfect combo for party favors.

birthday themes for girls

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