Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Mother Daughter Date Ideas

30 Fabulous Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Mother daughter relationship is one of the most strongest and beautiful relationship. The bond between a mother and her daughter become more stronger as her daughter grows up. I am really blessed to have daughter in my life, she is our sunshine. Last Friday, I and my daughter were there for dinner, as daddy was in office. We were in a mood of having some delicious dinner so I planned to cook chicken biriyani. While I was cooking, I thought let’s make the Friday night more special. And so I planned a candle light dinner for me and my mini-me. Our mother daughter date was so pleasant that my girl told she would love to have more dates like this. I guess every mommy and their mini-me will love to have some special bonding, so let’s check the list of 30 fabulous mother daughter date ideas.

Why is it important to have one-on-one time with our kids?

There is no doubt family time is a great thing, we plan so many things for our family to connect with each other. We plan with our friends and relatives to have some fun filled moments. Same thing we need to do with our kids. We should nurture our relationship with them. Mother-daughter relationships are for lifetime and it grows more stronger each day only if we invest time and attention to our relationship. A child feels wonderful and special if our focus and attentions is exclusively for the child. They crave for these fun filled one-on one moment, so let’s have some fun filled mother daughter exclusive moments. I know, finding ideas for your date may be too much time consuming, so no worries mommy, grab your perfect mother daughter date ideas here.

Mother daughter date ideas

A disclaimer before you jump on the list….

I am a mom of single girl child so it will be easy for me to have exclusive time for my daughter and make it special. But I know there are mommies with 2-3 kids of different ages and gender, for them it will be a bit tough to manage the date time for exclusively one child. It is not necessary to go out with single child and have a high flown date with her, there are ways that you can do while staying at home and within your budget or you can go out also if it is comfortable for you and your kids. These special moments should be fun filled for both of you, it is the time to reconnect and enjoyment.

I have created the list of 30 easy, within budget mother daughter date ideas, you are free to use the resource and I hope you will love the collection.

Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Mother daughter date ideas
  1. Ice Cream Date, I kept this on top as I guess there will be no one who doesn’t love ice cream. I often order a tub of my daughter’s favourite ice cream and then we relish it with some sprinkles of our choice (mostly chocolates) during afternoon and she happily shares some funny moments with me during our date.

2. Shop Together I hope this is one of the favourite date for every mom and daughter. Once in a while go for shopping with your daughter and buy dresses of each other’s choice. I and my little girl often go for shopping together and I love the way she selects my dresses. You can buy some same dress or accessories for yourselves.

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3. Cook Together I must confess that I don’t love cooking but my daughter shows interest in cooking so she asks me whether she can cook something or not. So to have some special time for her we prepare some fire-less recipes like sandwiches. And yes, it becomes a fun filled moment for both of us. I enjoy her enthusiastic face for cooking and she enjoys the cooking.

4. Snacks Party I keep some ready-to-fry snacks in my freezer and whenever I and my daughter feel bored, nothing to do. I plan our one of the favourite date ideas that is frying the snacks and have a rocking snacks party.

5. Movie Time There are many movies that we can watch with our kids, we can plan one movie night with our kids and enjoy the movie with some pop corns. This is a very easy, affordable and enjoyable idea for mother-daughter date.

6. Dance Together Dancing together on some happy songs uplifts our mood instantly and make us more energetic. So play your happy songs and dance together.

7. Click Your Pics Click some girly pics with your daughter, have a photo session with her. I always find my daughter is very much interested to click my pic and I am eager to capture her moments. So it will be fun to click each others pictures and years later it will be more interesting to cherish our memories. Keep your pictures safely in Photo Album Memory Book as these moments are treasure for a mom and daughter.

8. Tell story to each other Have a sweet conversation with your daughter. Share your childhood memories with her and ask her to share any of her memorable incidents.

9. Nail Art I am sure girls love to paint their nails. Sometimes I and my daughter paint our nails and make some Nail Art on our nails. It is really fun doing these girly things with our daughters.

10. Plan Picnic Arrange a picnic for you two at your backyard or terrace. Make a tent there and have some food of your daughter’s choice and spend some time together.

11. Color Together Collect your drawing sheets and color paints and start coloring whatever comes to your mind. And then show each other and then ask each other what to paint next. This sounds very simple but when you are indulge in these simple activities you feel quite relaxed and stress free and more loving. Get some Coloring Books For Girls with positive messages, this will help you to have more positive and meaningful conversation.

12. Snuggle in Bed Some days when you don’t have to hurry to wake up next day and your kids are not in mood to sleep early then it will be a good idea to snuggle in the bed with them and have some chit chat with them. I and my daughter love to snuggle in the bed and she loves to talk a lot.

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13. Solve a Crossword Puzzle Together Take your comfortable place to sit and sharpen your pencil and indulge yourselves in solving Crossword Puzzle. It is a perfect date to have fun and engaging.

14. Swap Roles My daughter loves to play mommy and take care of me and give me instructions too. Kids love to act like grown ups. So they enjoy these swapping role games and we can enjoy too as we are pampered as a baby.

15. De clutter Together When kids are instructed to clean they feel like a burden to complete that but when you ask them to be with you while de-cluttering they are eager to accomplish the task with you. So let’s de-clutter together and have fun and work at the same time.

Mother daughter date ideas

16. Stargazing In this digital era, we forgot how to live without gadgets. So spend some time with your little one and see the beauty of the universe. This will be a great way to be digitally disconnected and emotionally connected with your kids.

17. Visit a Museum Children love to know about ancient stories and facts, so take them to museum and have a great time together. If your kid is little older, not much interested to visit museum, then you can explore other attractions like planetarium.

18. Scrapbook Get a Scrapbook Kit and preserve your priceless memories and travel stories of your family together.

19. Go for a pastry date Visit to your nearby pastry shop and treat yourself and your daughter with your favourite slice of pastry.

20. Do DIY Together There are many DIYs available these days so choose any one of your and your daughter’s choice and do it together. It will be nice to to do something together and create your own product. I and my daughter choose some soap DIY as she was very much interested to make a soap and we made some rose scented soaps.

21. Playing with Dolls Mother of a girl knows how their little one loves doll. Play with their dolls with them. Make new clothes or any accessories for their dolls. My daughter loves to play with Barbie Dolls and she does a lot of hairdo for her dolls. Sometimes I play with her and I really feel like my childhood is back again.

22. Read Together Read aloud some stories for your daughter and ask her to read for you.

23. Cherish your memories Look at your old pictures and share the incidents of each pictures in the photo album.

24. Sing together and record it and play again again and have fun.

25. Spa Night Grab a Spa for Mother & Daughter and enjoy each other’s company and create memories for lifelong.

26. Go for Site Seeing Be tourist in your own city and roam around the different tourist spots.

27. Print a T-Shirt Use your old solid color t-shirts and paint them with some of your favourite quotes.

28. Scavenger Hunt

29. Trip to Zoo One of my daughter’s favourite destination. Visit to your nearby zoo and have a fun filled day with your daughter.

30. Give each other Makeover Do each other’s make up and have some giggling and chuckling session.

Mother daughter Date ideas

Wrap Up

I know many of you have done few of them already, may be you like to repeat, some date ideas are not yet executed. So add them to your bucket list and try to check them off in near by future. Most of the mother date ideas are simple and in your budget, it just need some time and effort to make them happen. And as mommies are very much creative so you too have some amazing ideas to date with your daughter, so share here in the comments. So that I can add them to my bucket list.

I hope you enjoyed reading these list of fun filled 30 fabulous Mother Daughter Date Ideas, so keep loving your daughter and make your memories with them.



  1. Katherine

    Great list! I always like to have individual times with each of my daughters, givers them something that is just ours. I’ll have to try some of these idea out! Thanks for sharing.


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