How To Save Time? Time Saving Hacks

How to save time

Are there so many things on your plate and you don’t know how to save time to do what you love most ?

Every one loves to spend time with their loved ones or want to do things that they loved but there is time scarcity in everyone’s life. And we often end up in juggling between home, office and daily life errands. This depends on a person how effectively he/she using their time. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much time is wasted for leading an unorganized lifestyle.

A few years back, before stepping into motherhood, I had an ample amount of time. But then also I made excuse to myself for running out of time. As we know motherhood teaches us so many things and bit by bit I realized that there are little things that can make a huge impact on your life. How to save time from our daily lives is not a big challenge for anyone to do. There are some simple ways that can add a few hours back to the week that is often ignored by us. In this post, I will focus on time-saving tips that will really give time to do what you love to do. And that too in the easiest ways. You can actually start a new hobby to use your free time if you really stick to the following tricks.

How to save time

Track Your Time

The best way to realize how wisely you are using your time is by tracking your time. Evaluate your time smartly and check where you are wasting your time. Tracking your time every day is a very simple task but you can get an idea of how you are using your precious time. So it will motivate you to concentrate on your work and will get a fair idea of your priorities. Tracking your time doesn’t mean jotting down each second of your life, it should be a simple estimate of the hours of the day you are spending intentionally. As when you watch what you eat makes you eat healthy food, so is tracking time is the same. When you are tracking your time, you are keen to spend your time wisely.

Stop Multitasking

If you are considering multitasking as a skill then you are doing a mistake. Actually multitasking is a myth that is engaging our brain in two or three tasks simultaneously that require acute concentration is not possible. If you think you do multitasking then it is simply switching off and on from one task to other. And it degrades the efficiency of your work which results in less productivity. According to Forbes, you can increase your productivity by avoiding multitasking and focusing on one task at a time. And this will help you to stay away from distractions.

Learn The Art Of Focusing

Giving your entire focus on one thing will make you 100% more productive. You will be able to deliver a good quality of work in less time so see you are saving some time too. And this will be less stressful as compared to doing multiple tasks at a time and not being able to concentrate on one task properly.

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Stick To A Routine

A routine life gives a structure and an exact segment to your life. As you follow a routine, you can experience an easy flow throughout the day. When you are in a routine life, you save a lot of time as you don’t have to spend time on daily planning for your tasks.

Have Fixed Place For Your Stuffs

If a person has a habit of keeping their stuff here and there, and next time when they need them, they spend a lot of time to get them. This way we don’t even realize how much time we waste on these little things. So next time make a habit to place back your staff at their designated place. These little changes can save a huge amount of time in your life.

Plan Your Day The Night Before

People can spend 45 minutes in the morning choosing their outfit to wear for work and they don’t even realize how much of their precious time is lost at the starting of the day. And time is something that once lost, will never come back. So save your morning time by planning the night before, this way you can start the day with a lot of positivity. When you plan your day the night before, you can design the framework of your day that will surely make your work done in less time.

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Set 50:10 Time Blocks

Time blocking is the method of scheduling your task and break. It is like if you spend 50 minutes on work then spend the next 10 minutes taking a break. Do things that you love to do in this 10 minutes break like a little walking, checking your phone e.t.c. And then again back to work and repeat the process, this will help to stay away from procrastination and you can focus more on the task. And no doubt this will lead to faster completion of your task.

Maintain A Calendar

As planning is very much essential to accomplish your goals timely, so maintaining a calendar is an important thing to execute your plans. Using a calendar will help you to stick to your daily routine. Maintaining a calendar will give you scope to review your past week or month. It will really be beneficial for your development.

Learn To Say No

Sometimes we say yes to others just to please them, and that yes results in a very tight schedule for us. Saying yes every time just for sake of others is not encouraging. These unwanted yes makes us over-occupied, leaving no time for us to do what we really love. And this makes our life stressful as time is very precious and we should spend time wisely. So start enjoying your time by saying no sometimes and enjoy your life with less stress.

Utilize Your Downtime

The time you spend like while commuting from office to home or either one, waiting for your appointment at doctor’s clinic. These are the time when you don’t want to involve in some important task that needs your attention. But still, there are ways where you can squash your productivity during your downtime, and that too in relaxing ways. Do something that is important but doesn’t require much brain task or hard work like organizing your email box, de-clutter your phone memory, make a call to your close friends/relatives as networking is important. You can watch any educational video or listen to podcasts.

How to save time



  1. Victoria

    These are great suggestions! My top 3:
    Stop multitasking: I’m terrible at multitasking so this works out for me!
    Stick to a routine: I’m a creature of habit
    Keep a calendar: so important to keep the chaos away!

  2. Minh

    Oh my gosh, I am so guilty of always multitasking. I do agree that it splits your focus between tasks and things end up taking longer. But it is such a hard “skill” to break!!


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